Hubl Greiner

[ German Musician, Producer, Composer, Photo- and Film Artist ] Best known for his work with German avant-garde rock group THE BLECH, Hubl is also a member of  other projects, like Hulu Project, The DJ Hoerspiel Ensemble and Stepanida & Friends. He is an eclectic composer/musician who seems to draw on everything from pop forms [...]


FILM Hamlet in Cuba Searching about Cuba´s future A Film by Hubl Greiner and Claudia Knupfer Documentary, 50 min. © HEUTE.film 2016 STANDING -  ein Portrait des Schriftstellers Franz Dobler A Film by Hubl Greiner Documentary, 45 min. © 3dudes film 2016 Why do Germans love the Blues? A Film by Tino Gonzales, Michael Klinksik [...]


FEARNS Advanced Country, American Singer-Songwriter Sound, Americana, Alternative Country Pop CD title: Sentimental Bones (2014) Composer: Hanna Fearns Producer: Hubl Greiner Musicians: Steve Gaeta, Bass Erwin Ditzner, Drums Mac Barisch, Guitars, Guitar-Arrangements Franziska Staubli, Guitar Shirley Anne Hofmann, Accordeon, Trombone, Euphonium Luis Angulo, Gitarre, Tres Helmut Bieler-Wendt, Violine Johannes Frisch, Double Bass Hans Reffert, Slide-Gitarre, [...]


Live events in Hubl´s livingroom [ ZYKADO ] Matthias Loibner, Tunji Beier plus Mohamed Badawi, Hubl Greiner & Selkh Moussa [ Recorded in Hubl´s the living room ] Zykado und Moussa Selkh Tunji Beier (Australia) Percussion: Mridangam - Ghatam - Kanjira - Dhol & Dolki - Tavil - Morsing - Gangan - Sekere [...]