Advanced Country, American Singer-Songwriter Sound, Americana, Alternative Country Pop
CD title: Sentimental Bones (2014)
Composer: Hanna Fearns
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Steve Gaeta, Bass
Erwin Ditzner, Drums
Mac Barisch, Guitars, Guitar-Arrangements
Franziska Staubli, Guitar
Shirley Anne Hofmann, Accordeon, Trombone, Euphonium
Luis Angulo, Gitarre, Tres
Helmut Bieler-Wendt, Violine
Johannes Frisch, Double Bass
Hans Reffert, Slide-Gitarre, Dobro, Guitar
Joachim Hübner, Bansuri
Patrick Manzecchi, Drums
Chris Endres, Fender Rhodes
Christian Burchard, Vibraphone
Daniel Schusterbauer, Pedal Steel Guitar

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CD title: Dienz Zithered (2006)
Composer: Christof Dienz
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Vienna based musician and composer CHRISTOF DIENZ (“Die Knödel”) steps with his new project into new musical dimensions. With an old traditional austrian instrument, the zither (remember the theme of Harry Lime out of the Third Man Soundtrack!), he beats new strings! Hubl Greiner produced the album.


> FM4 Soundselection
> Nr. 8 at SPEX -Charts
> Rob da Bank show BBC London
> US Release
> Nominated for Amadeus 2006

Dienz Zithered – CD

Remixed by MT Floyd (Transdubmassiv), Rupert Huber (tosca), Louis 2000 (Frikyiwa), DJ DSL, Hubl Greiner, Martin Brandlmaier, Cay Taylan (Couch), Hannes Strobl (Paloma), Andi Haller, Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget, Christian Martinek (Musikpark), Tom Watson, Bernhard Lang …

Distribution: Austria: Hoanzl, Germany: Grooveattack, Switzerland: RecRec, Benelux: Lowlands, France: Nocturne, UK: Shell Shock, Potugal: Naked, Spain: Ventilador, Japan: Popbizz, USA: EMO

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CD title: Svatba (1987)
Composer: Iva Bittova
Producer: Hubl Greiner
Label: Review Records
Genre: Contemporary Slovakian and Romanian Folk, Jazz

Iva Bittova: voice, violin
Pavel Fajt: drums, metal

Iva Bittova – Pavel Fajt
With voice, violin and percussion, Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt produces music with a thrilling intensity, suspense and drama. The musical basis is a mixture of the duo’s interpretation of Slovakian and Romanian folk music, jazz and contemporary music. First record of Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt which was released in the west.

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CD title: Nosybé (2010)
Cpmposer: Mohamed Badawi
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Nosybé, the new CD from the Sudanese composer, singer and oud-player Mohamed Badawi and his producer Hubl Greiner, combines the dominant Arab and African culture of Sudan with Cajun, soul, jazz, country and pop music.

Here we’re introducing Mohamed Badawi’s CD Nosybé. The skilled and charismatic singer, composer and oud-player Badawi comes from Sudan, from the well-known Sufi family Gadiriyya.

About the Music:

The goal of the Mohamed Badawi`s music is not only to weave a tapestry of differences and the similarities of traditional music from the West and the East, but also to attempt a symbolic reconciliation of Islam and Christianity through music.

Since 1995, Mohamed Badawi has made a name in Germany as well as in Switzerland. Badawi gave a joint concert with the South-West-German Philharmonic in September of 2003. Pieces composed by Mohamed Badawi were performed.

Most of the pieces performed by the band are influenced by the catchy tunes of Arabic and African music. Depending on the composition, elements of Jazz, Blues, Rock, and classical music take on a variation of colourful dominance.

The musicians

  • Mohamed Badawi (Vocals, Oud, Percussion)
  • Roman Bunka (Guitar, Oud),
  • Mohamed Abdelwahab Kununu (Accordeon),
  • Shirley Anne Hofmann (Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet)
  • Hatim Mileegi (Percussion),
  • Daniel Sphani (Drummer)
  • Norbert Dömling (Bass)
  • Mohamed Atif Abdel Hamid (Nay),
  • Amro Sawwaf (Qanun),
  • Tahir Mahmoud (Violine),
  • Amro Subhi (Cello),
  • Iman Aliy Ad-din (Choir, Kairo),
  • Marwa Hasan (Choir, Kairo),
  • Wala Mohamed (Choir, Kairo),
  • Iman Mohamed Wadi (Choir, Kairo)
  • Iglal Hashim (Choir, Sudan)
  • Safa Osman (Choir, Sudan)
  • Magdi Shaban Sukkar (Tablah, Bandir)

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CD title: Mon Afrique de L’ouest (2009)
Composed by Christof Dienz
Produced and mixed by Hubl Greiner
Recorded live June 2007 at RadioKulturhaus Wien
A collaboration between Ö1, Jeunesse und RadioKulturhaus Vienna


  • Christof Dienz (zither, bassoon, electronics)
  • Joanna Lewis (violine)
  • Alexandra Dienz (acoustic bass)
  • Roland Schueler (violoncello)
  • Lorenz Raab (trumpet)
  • Walter Seebacher (clarinet, bass clarinet)
  • Hannes Strobl (e-bass)
  • Willi Schultz (perkussion)
  • Herbert Pirker (drums)

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Bar music for drinkers with an attitude 1999

CD title: Lingo Lounge
Producer: Hubl Greiner
Sound Engineer: Matz Müller

Andrea Caprez: Gesang
Valentin Kessler: Akkordeon, Flügel
Matthias Constanzer: Gitarre, Mandoline, Arrangement
Hubl Greiner: Drums, Arrangement
Philippe Küng: Kontrabass
Luigi Archetti: Gitarre
Jens Peter Volk: Bass
Jürgen Waidele: Hammond Orgel
Rachel Collins: Backing Vocals
DJ Rebel: Turntables
Christoph Schuler: Texte
Das Knödel Orchester

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CD title: Verkochte Tiroler (1993)
Composer: Christof Dienz
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Die Knödel: Christoph Dienz, bassoon; Alexandra Dienz, bass, hammered dulcimer; Julia Fiegl, violin, holzernes glatcher, voice; Margreth Koll, harp; Cathi Aglibut, viola, voice; Walter Seebacher, clarinet, bass clarinet, hammered dulcimer; Michael Ottl, guitar, voice; Andreas Lackner, trumpet, flugelhorn, bass, voice

Die Knödel have redefined Austrian „blasmusik“ (brass-band music), a genre that seems to be caged in commercial kitsch settings reinforcing the German/Austrian cliché of „lederhosen“ boys and „dirndl“ girls constantly drinking beer and eating sauerkraut.

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CD title: Boerte/Badawi (2008)
Composer: Dagvan Ganpurev
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Chuluunbat Munkh-Erdene
„Yatga“ curved board harp
First Harpinist of Promising Talents
First Harpinist of Gouvernmental Traditional Music and Dance Ensemble of Mongolia

Dagvan Ganpurev
„Ikh Khuur & Umzad“ Bassvioline and Undertone
Leader and Composer, Throat – singing (Undertone)
Film composer of „The Cave of the Yellow Dog“
Film composer o „The Story of the Weeping Camel“

Mohamed Badawi
Composer, singer, oud player and percussionist
Mohamed Badawi is a doctor of linguistics and founder, composer, and singer of the group Diwan

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CD title: D’Omdurman à Timimoun (2007)
Composer: Selkh, Badawi
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Mohamed Badawi
Composer, singer, oud player and percussionist
Mohamed Badawi is a doctor of linguistics and founder, composer, and singer of the group Diwan

Moussa Selkh
Algerian oud player, singer, violinist and composer.
He is known to Algerian musicians as one of the best oud player, violinist and singer of his time. …

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CD title: Mau Mau (1988)
Composer: Hollinger, Cee, Schäfer, Bieler-Wendt
Producer: Hubl Greiner
Review Records, Vinyl, LP
Recorded & mixed January 1988 at Klang & Hammer Studio, Konstanz, Germany by K.H. Backes.

Peter Hollinger: Drums, Jew’s Harp, Objects
Sabine Schäfer: Synthesizer
Werner Cee: Bass, Baglama (prepared Saz), Artwork
Helmut Bieler-Wendt: Violine, Bariton-Violektra

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CD title: Gisma (2007)
Composer: trad.
Producer: Hubl Greiner

Traditional music from the Sudan. Gisma is the queen of the singing in the Sudan. For now more than 25 years Gisma is a most important singer of the traditional folklore singing in the Sudan.

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