TEDx Talk, März 2021

Die Kraft der Musik

Hubl und Mohamed berichten von ihrer musikalischen Zusammenarbeit und erzählen, was es bedeutet, unterschiedliche Kulturen aus Deutschland, Sibirien, Sudan und dem Libanon durch Musik zu verbinden.

„Although music is found everywhere in the world, different cultures shape the way they describe and transmit music. Sharing their experience of a musical collaboration from Germany, to Siberia, Sudan, and Lebanon, Hubl and Mohamed tell us what it means to connect cultures through music, by bridging not only language – but also musical – differences.“

„Hubl Greiner is a musician who is always pushing the musical boundaries. Since the early 70s, he has made a name for himself as an unconventional, innovative and experimental musician or composer and producer.

Mohamed Badawi is a linguist, composer and singer from Sudan. Besides oud, which is the main focus of his musical performances, he plays a specifically Sudanese bongo variant consisting of three drums. Hubl and Mohamed are both based in Konstanz, Germany and have collaborated on multiple music projects.“


Video by Lilith Kugler, 2021