Hamlet in Cuba
Searching about Cuba´s future
A Film by Hubl Greiner and Claudia Knupfer
Documentary, 50 min.
© 2016

STANDING –  ein Portrait des Schriftstellers Franz Dobler
A Film by Hubl Greiner
Documentary, 45 min.
© 3dudes film 2016

Why do Germans love the Blues?
A Film by Tino Gonzales, Michael Klinksik and Hubl Greiner
Documentary, 45 min.
© 2016

LUKE –  der letzte wilde Hund am Yukon
A Film by Hubl Greiner
Documentary, 63 min.
© 2013

Luke likes to be with friends, but he prefers to be alone, far away from civilization. 1997 he buys land in the Canadian wilderness, builds a log cabin and lives there every year 4-5 months alone, without phone, internet, computer, radio / TV. Where other people can not live without antidepressants and suffer from chronic dissatisfaction and burnout, Luke tries to create his own living space. With: Luke, Christof Dienz, Jerry Alfred, Eric, Becci und Kids, Jim, Carol, William und Liam.

Gudrun und das Meer
A Film by Claudia Knupfer and Hubl Greiner
Documentary, 20 min.
© | bernd· 2014

Du wirst nicht der Gleiche sein …
A Film by Hubl Greiner and Michael Klinksik
Documentary, 90 min.
© | bernd· 2014


Photos of Hubl Greiner


Hubl Greiner composes music for theater
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Live project – shamanic music from Siberia meets western club culture

Intensive interpretation of shamanic singing from Sakha (Siberia), combined with todays western club-culture – from tradtional and mystic essays, ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms.

Hubl Greiner – Drums, Laptop, Electronics
Stepanida Borisova – Vocals
Roman Bunka – Guitar, Oud, Frame Drum
Mohamed Badawi – Oud, Frame Drum
Jean Detheux – Computer Art
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New Soudani Sound

with Mohamed Badawi (oud, vocals, percussion) and Hubl Greiner producer). Mohamed Badawi covers the entire Arabic musical spectrum, from the historical religious Sufi music to the lively modern music heard world-wide. He stems from the well-known Sufi family of the Quadiriyya and has lived in Europe since 1984.
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Exceptional Music Project by Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti
HULU PROJECT was founded 1997 by Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti (contemporary musician, composer and sound researcher). Their music is a radical mix of contemporary electro acoustic music, crossculture and avant pop.

1. HULU PROJECT [ TranceSiberia ] Shamanic music from Sakha meets todays western club-culture
with Stepanida Borisova

Intensive interpretation of shamanistic singing from Sakha (Siberia), combined with todays western club-culture | from tradtional and mystic essays, ritualistic ceremonies to modern urban forms.

– Nr. 3 at World Music Charts Europe 2001
– Nominated „Best of WMCE 2001“

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2. HULU PROJECT [ Inemuri ]
Ambient music, Acoustic Art, Electronic Soundscapes

Fragile sounds soake through the waking-sleeping senses of the passengers in a subway car somewhere in Japan, blending in with the ambient rhythms and creating the daywalking world of inemuri.

Luigi Archetti – guitars, mandoline, sampling
Hubl Greiner – sampling, drums, dj tools, reaktor

Helmut Bieler-Wendt – violine, bariton violectra
Jens Peter Volk – bass (Track 4 and 7)
Christian Hof – Bass (Track 2)

Download album „Inemuri“
CCn‘C Records / da music 2007

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3. HULU PROJECT [ Cubic Yellow ]
Experimental Electronic Music / Ambient / Noise / Soundscapes

Award – „Selection Swiss Radio International“

„.. this exceptional downtempo electronica album with hoovering swells that sound like Dom & Roland played at 33 1/3 rpm instead of 45 along with skittering breakbeats not unlike a stripped down Amon Tobin. Fans of Biosphere or The Orb should definitely take note of this one!!!“ – aquarius.

TITLE: „Cubic Yellow“
COMPOSER: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner
ARRANGEMENTS: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner
PRODUCER: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner
MIX: Hubl Greiner
LABELS: Captain Trip Records, Japan 1999
CCn‘C Records / da music 2001

Luigi Archetti – guitars, sampling, electronics, programmings
Hubl Greiner – programmings, electronics, sampling
Dieter Moebius – synthesizer on track 1&5

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3. HULU PROJECT [ Chat ]
TripHop, Avant Pop

“ … a crazy mix of Avant Pop, Soul, RnB, Trip Hop, a DJ, a celtic harp, an oboe and the guitar of Luigi Archetti. At times Chat is melancholy – archaic – creepy dark – exotic – hypnotic, with devilishly enticing grooves, breathtaking guitars and the rich warm embracing vocals of Lisa Cash (ex-Consolidated)“ …aw

TITLE: „Chat“
COMPOSER: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner
ARRANGEMENTS: Luigi Archetti, Hubl Greiner, Eric Babak
TEXT: Lisa Cash
LABEL: GECO/Warner/Chappell 2000
PRODUCER: Eric Babak
PUBLISHER: Eric Babak Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music und Hubl Enterprises

Hubl Greiner, Luigi Archetti, Lisa Cash, Eric Babak, Rainer Granzin, Tunji Beier, Alex Ott, Rüdiger Oppermann, JP Volk, DJ Rebel

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Radio plays live performance (in German only)
Franz Dobler: records, speech, lyrics
Hubl Greiner: records, machines
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THE BLECH (1985 – 1996)

Unscrupulous entertainment
„German band THE BLECH have slashed the throat of the golden twenties and replaced them with an Ibero-Anglo arabesque voice mix. THE BLECH disconcert, irritate, scare and .. make wonderful radical dance music, which may inspire you to listen, reflect or dance through the night“. Dr. Susanne Binas

Rupert Volz, Hubl Greiner

Pic: Rupert Volz, Hubl Greiner

Avantgarde Rock – bits of Brecht / Weill with elements of Rock and Jazz along with witty tongue-in-cheek lyrics and an expressive voice provide an anarchistic listening enjoyment.
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1. Hubl Greiner supports musical education for street kids in Khartoum / Sudan.
2. From 2007 to 2011 Hubl was involved actively to build up the Nihal European University in Omdurman/Sudan based on European standards.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]