non-algorithmic songs

Silvia Pfändner – voice, vocal processor, FX
Thomas Maos – guitars, pedals, motioncontroller, loops
Hubl Greiner – drums, percussion, gongs, laptop


Frau Bach

Fotos: Holger Edmaier, 2018

non-algorithmic songs

There is only an inside, no after

Suppose we were moving in an unimaginably small micro-world, in which seconds stretch to hours – how would our perception change then – how would our world sound then? We press the pause key and move through the motionless history. There is only an inside, no after.

How would our world sound if we extended 10 seconds into an hour – if we merged music with the OM, the transcendent primordial sound – if we went to the edge of silence? How would it sound if we could hear the air rushing through the organ pipes, the sounds of the keys, the creaking of the wood and the sly thoughts of the listeners?

Pressetext deutsch (PDF) | Press text english (PDF)


Silvia Pfändner
actress and singer

Thoms Maos
guitarist, soundartist, composer

Hubl Greiner
drummer, soundartist, composer

1234567 Band

Maul halten! –  FRAU.BACH live auf dem Bachfestival Tübingen