Film Camera

Video Art by Brigitte Bauer, 2012
Music by Hubl Greiner, 2015

In an open space – garden or landscape – characters seem to evolve in slow motion, in movements at the same time fluid and as snatched, sometimes reminding dance steps. Are we in front of a time-lapse? A resumption of an old great movie 8? At the same time, the weekly contrasted colors and the grain, very present, direct us on the side of the first color photos. But this scene is only a projection, the very visible vertical folds of the well ironed white sheet indicate it to us. The images result from the oldest device of creation of images: Film Camera was realized from about 2000 digital photos taken inside a garden shed transformed into Camera Obscura. A way of paying tribute to the ancestor of cameras (a black box with a simple hole) with the current high technology. A way of making a movie with what escapes the direct cinematic recording in the big black box, and a way of putting single images into movement. Brigitte Bauer (

The soundtrack is composed of different audio tracks that were edited by granular synthesis. Granular synthesis is a sound synthesis method that operates on the micro sound time scale. In granular synthesis, sound samples are split in small pieces called grains. Multiple grains are then combined together and transformed in different ways to provide a new sound. Similar to filmmaking, a film frame is one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture. Hubl Greiner